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workforce management,
purpose built
for long-term care
Maple is a next-generation scheduling, time & attendance, and analytics platform.
Manage your team, end-to-end, all in one place.
Maple is designed for innovative operators like you.
With our tools, you can configure intelligent workforce automations and fully centralize your data.

Maximize labor efficiency with rule-based scheduling.

Determine who gets access to book shifts and when. Minimize OT and agency spend.

A sample image of Maple's UI displays several rules that determine when an how a shift will be posted. First a shift is shared with in-house non-overtime staff. Then, if the shift is not filled within 10 days (as selected in the dropdown) of its start time, it will be shared with in-house staff (overtime) as selected. Finally if the shift still is not filled within 4 days as selected in the dropdown, it will be shared with a staffing agency.A set of
A notification displays on a worker's phone that a new shift has become available at their facility at a specific time.

Eliminate scheduling emergencies.

Automatically trigger replacement shifts for last minute call-offs. Send automated and ad hoc text blasts to your employees.

Guarantee accurate and centralized timekeeping.

Employees and agency alike can punch in on our NFC timeclock. Say goodbye to missing timecards and hours spent on PBJ.

A set of timecards for a worker (here, a hypothetical worker named Mia Hinton) compiles information about the current shift she is working, including her clock-in, clock-out and break times. Previous shift data is also visible.
by healthcare facilities and workers nationwide
We can support you no matter which agencies you use.

Our integrations cover a range of staffing providers, from national platforms like Clipboard Health to family-owned agencies like Compassion Care Staffing.